Welcoming a Rescue Dog to your home

Welcoming a rescue dog to your home can be a scary thought!  How will they fit in?  What things do you need to prepare for and expect?  This is a course aimed at BEFORE the dog arrives or shortly after.  All rescue dogs require a decompression period when they arrive.

If your dog comes from abroad, they may not be used to appropriate walking equipment and are normally ‘controlled’ using punitive and painful slip leads – most genuine street dogs have never had equipment and this can be a big issue.  They may find it difficult to settle in the home environment.  Puppies from abroad (and home) may have started their lives being torn away from mum, and may have little dog to dog skills, which can create socialisation issues.  They may have been driven in the back of a dark van for many hours to find their way to you, which can be a traumatising experience on its own.

We will cover all these issues and much more. 


Online consultation                                      £60

In-person consultation                                £65*

Reactive dog course                                     See Reactive Dog section for further information

*Dependent on distance

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