Welcoming a Rescue Dog

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If you need some help with what to be aware of when rescuing a dog/puppy, or your new rescue dog/puppy needs some assistance settling into their new life, I can help.  Whether this be a one-off consultation or a 121 online or in person basis, I can provide you with the appropriate support to help them to settle in. 

Many rescue dogs/puppies will have pain or tension in their bodies.  This could be genetic, a result of poor breeding or because they were in an abusive home.  I am fully trained in professional observations and use a method called ACE Free Work to do this (see this section in Services.  It is common for vets to miss pain or tension as dogs may have an adrenaline rush when they are in the surgery and this can mask any pain they may feel.  I will observe the puppy, record the session and provide a report for you or your vet, including marking timelines on the video where extra investigations may be needed.

I will also help with training essential life skills as rescues may not have been trained in the past, or may have been trained using aversive methods. 

One-off consultation, in person or online (90 minutes)     £65

They may need help with reactivity or pain, if so, see other sections of the website for prices relating to these issues. 

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