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Is your dog fearful or reactive? Could they be in pain? My coaching will help your dog to relax in their environment and help you to deal with issues as they arise. I have an all new, amazing Reframing Reactivity course, benefitting the whole of the dog, promoting calm and relaxation. Classes may be held online (10-week course) with peers for support, or from a minimum 8-week package in 121-person format. As part of the course, you will receive a video bank of over 100 videos to refer to whenever you need a bit of a reminder or other ideas. You’ll receive workbooks, handouts, accountability records and weekly reports in the in person 121 format.

This really is an investment for your dog and your family. If your dog is struggling to be around others, you both need professional assistance, and I will always support you throughout the process. Being scared or worried when you’re away from home isn’t fun and dogs are trying to tell us this all the time. You will never see your dog in the same way again when you come to train with me!

You will discover all you need to know about canine communication and body language, how to deal with difficult situations, how to help your dog relax in his own environment and out and about.  You will also be given the tools to show how well your journey is going – a must if you’re feeling a bit worried.  I really do recommend the VIP option as the video bank is priceless.  Whichever package you choose, know that you will be given the appropriate support.

Please see the attached brochure for the course outline – this is a wonderful, easy to follow course which will help you and your dog have a much more meaningful relationship and help you to help them in difficult situations.

A reactive dog isn’t a happy dog.  They generally suffer from fear in their environment, for many reasons, including pain.  Reactivity is a complex issue that requires a lot of patience and time, but it is SO worth it to see your dog being much calmer around the things that scare them.

Initial assessment £70 in person/included in the online package – this lasts up to 2 hours
The RRP of the online course is £895. It is YOURS for £500.
A basic 8-week 121 package costs £360, you can add further sessions if necessary!

Download my free ebook for full details.

Free ebook entitled Reframing Reactivity, Tackling Reactivity.
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