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Is your dog fearful or reactive?  My coaching will help your dog to relax in their environment and help you to deal with issues as they arise.  I have an all new 10 week course which is interactive and will be held either on an online basis in a class, with plenty of support from peers and will include private tuition, or as a 121 course, as well as an online support group where you can chat to your peers.  This course will also help you and your dog with all the skills you will need to build on, to help your dog increase confidence and resilience.

The more we observe, the more we learn and the better we can help the dog in front of us.  This course also helps you to deal with your feelings when your dog is barking and lunging at others, because our emotions matter too and can add to our dog’s stress reactions.  This is no reflection of you as a guardian, it’s just human nature.  I will explain why your dog may show these behaviours.  The dog is never being ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’, they’re trying to tell you something and it’s our job to listen – corrections like pulling the dog don’t work.

Depending on the package you choose, you will have access to a support group, lots of beautiful handouts and/or access to a bank of amazing videos for life.  The videos will help to remind you of the teachings in class and how to do them, and much more than was taught in class!!  This really is an investment in your dog and their emotional wellbeing, as well as yours, please join me for this groundbreaking new course!

You will discover all you need to know about canine communication and body language, how to deal with difficult situations, how to help your dog relax in his own environment and out and about.  You will also be given the tools to show how well your journey is going – a must if you’re feeling a bit worried.  I really do recommend the VIP option as the video bank is priceless.  Whichever package you choose, know that you will be given the appropriate support.

Please see the attached brochure for the course outline – this is a wonderful, easy to follow course which will help you and your dog have a much more meaningful relationship and help you to help them in difficult situations.

The RRP of this course is £895.  It is YOURS for the following prices:


Premium 10 week course including downloadable course material, videos and more
£400 (payable in 3 instalments)

VIP 10 week course including 3 private 1-2-1 sessions, downloadable course material, videos and more
£550 (payable in 3 instalments)

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Free ebook entitled Reframing Reactivity, Tackling Reactivity.
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