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I teach appropriate handling skills to children as well as how dogs ‘speak’ to us and other dogs, by teaching body language and canine communication.  I also teach appropriate handling skills, what’s acceptable to a dog and what may make them stressed.  This is a vital skill for ALL dog guardians and you will all understand your dog on a much deeper level as a result.  This will help to build that all important bond with the puppy/dog. The dynamics of family sessions are so interesting, because family members learn together and can help ensure the family are working as a team and training becomes an immersive experience.

This course will include training on canine communication, which helps all of you (and the children in particular) understand your pup/dog on a deeper level.  Training is similar to the Puppy Socialisation and Coaching Course but is obviously adapted to your requirements.

This course is available online or in person.

The cost of a 6-week family package is £250.  This will include lots of fun games, brushing up on life skills, all bespoke to your dog and family.  This also includes my time, follow up reports each week, workbooks and handouts to allow you to monitor your progress!

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Craigton Place, Winchburgh
LIVINGSTON, West Lothian
MON-FRI 09:00 - 18:00
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