Train and Walk Sessions

Would you like your dog to walk nicely on the lead?  Would you like to be able to go for a walk without your arms being pulled from their sockets?  Then this is the course for you!

We’ll go through the reasons the dog may pull and remember that dogs aren’t made to walk the same speed as we do, so only training will help.  Anything marketed as ‘no pull’ walking equipment may be a big trigger for. your dogs as it may restrict their movement and cause pain and tension in the body.

The first session will be a consultation, to get to know your dog and you better.  I will also give you an explanation of my methods and techniques, practice these with your dog at home and then it’s out on the road! 

You can be part of the Train and Walk sessions if you wish – this is the best option so that you can see the progress being made.  If not, don’t worry, sessions can be taken on my own.  The final session will be a handover to ensure that the correct techniques are maintained.


Four week plan                                £175*

Additional sessions                          £45*

*Dependent on distance

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