ACE Free Work, Calming and Bodywork Techniques

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Maybe your dog is getting older and struggles on walks and you struggle with ideas on how to provide them with proper enrichment, which can be combined with gentle exercise in the house and garden.  I can help. Or you may have a dog that's always on the go and can become overaroused easily, this course is also perfect for you.  I am fully trained to assess and observe pain or tension in dogs that vets may otherwise miss.  This is because an adrenaline rush can cause a dog to mask pain in the surgery setting.

ACE Free Work is an amACEing tool for all dogs.  It is not invasive to the dog and enables them to engage their scenting system to the point they can shut the rest of the world out and helps them to reset.  It also means I can observe what works for each individual dog, depending on their physical and emotional abilities.  These sessions offer a proper mental and physical workout and should tire them out enough to get the proper, restful sleep that they need for their wellbeing.  This is something that can also be used out in the environment, in a place where the dog may usually be triggered by other people/dogs, as well as being used to introduce a novel item to the dog, for example, a pop-up umbrella or vacuum cleaner.

Ttouch is a method of gently moving the skin on your dog’s body, to help them loosen up.  The movements are easy to learn and the techniques are much lighter than massage, which means they are less invasive to the dog.  They help to release the facia below the skin, which in turn can help with nerve pain and other physical pain.  It’s also an extremely relaxing process for both dog and guardian.  These sessions can transform your dog with their gentle movements.

Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of dogs suffer from pain and over 30% of dogs over the age of 1 suffer from arthritis.  Some of this is genetic, caused by puppy farming and poor breeding, but big factors in pain in dogs is slippy flooring, repetitive long ball play (particularly with ball launchers), as their bodies try to cope with the adrenaline/cortisol rush from the run, then the extreme halt.  In puppies, where their growth plates that haven’t fully fused yet, this can be dangerous to their wellbeing.

You can find out more about ACE work in the ACE Connections Facebook page – there are a number of papers in the files section that set out the benefits of Free Work and Ttouch.

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Free consultation call

Four week plan (90 minute sessions)       £205 (payable in 2 instalments)

Taster session (90 minutes)         £60

This course can be done online or in person, depending on how you think your dog would cope with another person being in their environment.  

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