Puppy Socialisation and Coaching Package

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Early puppy stage is crucial.  A pup’s socalisation period closes down at roughly 15-16 weeks and everything they’ve learned prior to that will shape how they see the world.  This is the time when the pliable brain tends to hardwire.  Socialisation basically means ‘exposure to’ at this time and appropriate socialisation is essential – it helps them to view the world with confidence and resilience.

At this stage of their life, appropriate training is extremely important, as are lots of good experiences and bonding with you and your family, particularly around children

What will be covered in this package (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Appropriate socialisation – where to go, who to meet (including other dogs), what to avoid.
  • Canine body language and behaviour – I believe it is essential for all dog guardians to understand pup’s fear and stress signals, but also to know when pup is happy and enjoying himself and just ‘being’.
  • Focus work – it is vital that your puppy is able to focus on you and this is the training that is the base for everything else we teach pup (and you!).
  • How to appropriately introduce walking equipment (this is essential as if not trained, pup may become worried about having their harness or lead put on – we humans forget they weren’t born with this skill sometimes!)
  • How to introduce pup to new dogs.
  • Loose lead walking – my methods include a new way of loose lead walking that has high success rates.
  • Recall – this is such an important skill as so many guardians worry about giving their pup the freedom to explore his surroundings. 
  • This can also be adapted to incorporate family sessions – please see the family session section.  I believe in educating children in basic dog behaviour from an early age.
  • MUCH more!


Package with pre-puppy consultation included:

Four sessions                                    £190*

Six sessions                                       £250*

Additional sessions                          £45*

*Dependent on distance

Package without pre-puppy consultation

Three sessions                                   £135*

Four sessions                                     £175*

Six sessions                                        £215*

Additional sessions                           £45*

*Dependent on distance

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