Adolescent Dog Course

A vital course for those puppies who hit adolescence and, just like teenagers, seem to forget everything they’ve ever learned! This a unique course, and goes a long way to help your adolescent to relax, remember to listen to you and hear you.  The course is in partly planned with my ongoing ACE training as […]

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Dog Walking and Puppy Visits

Group or solo walks are available.  Normal length of walks is 50 minutes to 1 hour, although shorter/longer walks are available by request.  We will meet with you and your dog beforehand to discuss what service your dog needs. We walk and are insured for a MAXIMUM of 6 dogs at a time, although prefer […]

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Family Sessions

This is one of my absolute favourite courses.  Involving the children in the care of pup or dog from an early age means the education stays with them.  The dynamics of family sessions are so interesting, because family members learn together and can help ensure the family are working as a team and training becomes […]

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Mindfulness and Calming Techniques for Dogs

Yes, really!  If you have a dog that’s always on the go, or even if you’d just like to practice these methods on your dog, this course is for you and your dog! A full sensory experience with observations that help you to understand your dog on a deeper level.  We’ll be observing likes, dislikes, […]

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Pet Home Boarding

DOG HOTEL We are fully licensed and insured for luxury home boarding, with a maximum of 2 dogs boarding at any one time. Your dog lives here in our home as part of our family and you will be given regular updates for the duration of his stay. Pick ups and drop offs are at […]

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Pet Pop-in Visits

If you’re going away for a few days/weeks, we can provide your cats and small furries with a pop-in service to make sure they’re fed, cleaned and have appropriate play for the time that you’re away.  We can also water your plants when you’re away, you just need to ask! Prices Pet Pop-in - up […]

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