About Wee Molly's Pals

So, who am I, and more importantly, who is Molly?  Well, my name is June Eaglesham and I live in Winchburgh with my husband Simon, daughter Eva and our furry/spiky friends, including Honey the moggie, Lottie the Maine Coon, Reggie the African Pygmy Hedgehog and Daisy the ferret.  Molly is our effervescent Cavapoo and has been my sidekick and partner in crime since she came to live with us at the age of 11 months in August 2013.  She is the reason that you are reading this today! 

I have had an affinity with animals all my life and have never been without a pet (or several).  However, my working background was social housing, where I helped people manage their lives and homes for over 20 years.  After life changing events in 2013 and early 2014, I decided it was time to follow my dreams and passion and left the rat race to become a full time dogwalker in May 2014.

After illness left me immobile, I was unable to work for a year.  However, after a hip replacement in July 2016, Wee Molly’s Pals was born and launched on 23 August 2016.  Let’s just say, I’ve never looked back.  I devote my spare time to studying dog behaviour and training techniques – but it’s never a chore.  For your ‘job’ to be something that you truly love is the most life-fulfilling dream and I finally did it!  So please come and join my journey!