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Group or solo walks are available.  Normal length of walks is 50 minutes to 1 hour, although shorter/longer walks are available by request.  I will meet with you and your dog beforehand to discuss what service your dog needs.

I walk and am insured for a MAXIMUM of 6 dogs at a time, although prefer to keep groups smaller.  Your dog will be taken off the beaten track to enjoy the smells and sounds of the countryside safely and will only be placed in a group that he will flourish with.  EXPECT MUDDY PAWS, your dog will have fun!

If your dog is a bit nervous or maybe reactive, then I am happy to arrange a solo walk for him.  Again, this won’t be at your local playpark, it’ll be off the beaten track to provide as much enrichment as possible.

If you have recently taken on a new puppy, you’ll be aware that they have lots of growing to do and long walks are not appropriate.  I provide a puppy visit service where I’ll make sure the pup has a comfort break and some appropriate play/enrichment, even a bit of training.  As your puppy grows, I can take him for short walks, until he graduates to ‘big dog’ walks.



Group Walk – 50 minutes £10.00
Group Walk – additional dog £8.00
Solo Walk – 30 minutes £10.00
Solo Walk – 50 minutes £18.00
Weekend Walk – 50 minutes £18.00
Pop-in/Puppy Visit – up to 15 minute £7.00
Pop-in/Puppy Visit – up to 30 minutes £10.00
Other Walks – Price on application